What is it?

The Shoulder Stander is an innovative yoga prop designed to reduce cervical spine flexion and pressure during yoga shoulder stand.

What does it do?

It allows for a more comfortable and ergonomic practice of shoulder stand.

How does it work?

The Shoulder Stander supports the weight of the body comfortably on the shoulders and elbows while allowing space for your cervical spine (your neck) to rest in a more free, less flexed position (as shown below).
Shoulder Stander Neck Flexion
It has an innovative shape such that the weight of the body is concentrated on the shoulders, while the head and neck fit into a cutout area. As a result, there is less flexion of the cervical spine and a smooth curve.Shoulder Stander Dimensions

What about a stack of blankets?

Previously, people attempted to reduce cervical flexion in this pose by using a stack of blankets. This doesn’t actually work well. A stack of blankets may increase pressure at the lower cervical spine vertebrae where they contact the blankets. People tend to fall off the edge of the blanket as well, as detailed in this article by Dr. Ray Long for Yoga Journal.

Additionally the length of the Shoulder Stander has been designed so that when you come out of the pose the sacrum lands on the device, thus avoiding hyperextension of the lumbar spine (another problem associated with a stack of blankets).

Who is it for?

The Shoulder Stander is for yoga practitioners who want to practice this beneficial inversion in an ergonomic and comfortable manner.

The Shoulder Stander is for yoga studios and teachers that want to bring back the shoulder stand and teach the pose with confidence again.


We went with the highest quality on the Shoulder Stander. Testing a variety of different materials for the most effective firmness - a perfect balance of softness and support.

It is medical grade quality, ultra durable with a top coating that is water resistant so it can easily be cleaned between use with a damp cloth.

The Shoulder Stander is made in the U.S.A. using patented technology.

How can I get one?

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Return Policy

If you need to return your Shoulder Stander for any reason, we'll happily provide you with an exchange or refund of the pruchase price (less shipping) within 30 days.

"I finally had a chance to use it and it felt AMAZING. No pressure and a whole new sensation.
It cleared up my sinuses as well."

- Mahnaz Jahangiri, Samadi Yoga

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"I've been using Dr. Long's Shoulder Stander for about three months now, two or three times a week. I'm a 62-year old ex-athlete with very tight shoulders. I've had a yoga practice for twenty years, but sarvangasana was just not in it prior to this. Now I'm comfortably in a well-aligned shoulder stand for 2-3 minutes at a time and feeling the benefits. The Shoulder Stander is very well-designed and solidly made. I'd hate to be without it!"

- David Schafer, ReneeYoga

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How do I use it?

Follow the steps below to practice shoulder stand comfortably with your new Shoulder Stander!

Shoulder Stander instructions Step 01

Step 1

Lay across your Shoulder Stander with your shoulders as close to the edge as comfortable and your neck resting freely within the "U" groove.

Shoulder Stander yoga prop instructions Step 02

Step 2

Raise your feet off the floor, bring your knees toward your chest and start to shift your weight into your upper back and shoulders.

Shoulder Stander yoga prop instructions Step 03

Step 3

Keeping your knees bent lift your pelvis up over your shoulders. Place your hands on the lower back to support the pose. Stay here with your knees bent until you find a comfortable balance.

Shoulder Stander yoga prop instructions Step 04

Step 4

Bring your elbows together and walk your hands up your back as you extend the knees and press up into full shoulder stand. Engage your abdominals and glutes to stabilize your core.

Gently lean back into your hands and allow your chest to expand. Breathe and stay in the pose for about 30 seconds in the beginning and gradually build up to a minute or two, using good form.

Note: Your neck should rest freely in the groove WITHOUT touching the prop. All bodyweight should be squarely on the shoulders.

Shoulder Stander yoga prop instructions Step 05

Step 5

To come out of shoulder stand gently reverse the process. Slowly bend your knees to lower your center of gravity. Support your back with your hands as you roll back onto your Shoulder Stander.

Shoulder Stander yoga prop instructions Step 06

Step 6

Keep your knees bent as you come down. This keeps your weight closer to your core making it easier to maintain careful control of your decent.

Shoulder Stander yoga prop instructions Step 07

Step 7

Place your feet back on the floor and relax for a few moments. That's it! Repeat as desired or continue with your yoga practice!

Shoulder Stander yoga prop instructions Step 07

Halasana (Plow Pose):

This pose requires greater flexibility. If you choose to practice plow pose using the Shoulder Stander, it should always be done with the feet on a chair to limit the amount of spine flexion.

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